Exhibit Success!

The photos long amazing hanging on the wall… it’s so seldom that I get stuff printed and I can see it in a format larger than a screen.  I’m now sitting in the bar the day after… photos in all their glory and being checked out by lunch-time diners.  It’s a good feeling.  Printing photos is always a challenge, rather selecting someone that will do it well.  I think I made a good choice but there were some additional cropping done so some looked a little different than I’d intended.  From previous experience, sharpening photos is really important as well as ensuring that you don’t use excessive amounts of noise reduction as this tends to look horrid when photos are printed or blown up even a little.  One additional issue is that the prints are literally photography paper glued to board.  Generally fine but they are very sensitive to marking.  Having said that the dude that screwed up one was dragging a wooden sun umbrella handle rather brutally and repeatedly across one… WHAT was he thinking?!  Getting the photos up on a uneven wall was also a challenge, especially as I realised the pins that the owner had were actually only those already nailed in (from past shows) and didn’t have many others… Never mind, nothing that a pair of pliers and hammer couldn’t deal with!  Good job in Italy 7pm really means 8… ish!

The biggest success, I wonder if this isn’t always the case, is that I’ve gotten the courage to exhibit again.  I have no doubt that it will not be the last… the next time could well be in Myanmar!

Ironically, all of the photos I had printed up were taken with my old camera and not my fancy new one… I’m still to let rip with it in a place with lots of nice faces around 🙂  I should also think of a better theme!

So… not I have air ticket in hand, visa at the ready, almost packed… I just to cram in a bit more time with pals…


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