Sandon Museum

An unexpected find at the end of a short diversion Continue reading Sandon Museum


Learning new tricks…

Life never really stands still for me, although I confess that I actually enjoy being still and doing very little.  So, I find myself sitting in a cafe in Revelstoke (BC, Canada) taking a break from the midst of a pretty intense 3 month course (run by Yamnuska Mountain Adventures) on all things mountain! It’s really the first time that I’ve felt clear enough to … Continue reading Learning new tricks…

Technical Knowledge or Something More

I’ve given a few photography classes over the last year.  I’m a self professed nerd and so the technical side of photography really appeals to that side of my nature.  The creative side is the balance to my more day to day work. I found that when I give the lessons it was really focused on the technical aspects of taking a photo.  Composition, settings, … Continue reading Technical Knowledge or Something More

Slipping into Ballroom shoes!

What on earth have I let myself in for?! My current journey has had me cross paths with a very cool woman that runs a project that helps people that are dying of cancer document their lives, and their dying thoughts so they can create a written, and photographic, legacy for their family.  It’s an intensely beautiful way of concluding one’s life, and those who … Continue reading Slipping into Ballroom shoes!