So, I’ve finally arrived!

It’s pretty amazing place Yangon, but I haven’t really explored that much yet so I can limit my experience only to the rain and the office…  I haven’t actually seen the sun since the day I arrived (Monday) but I’m hoping that I will see the sun again before the end of the rainy season (October!).  My only point of reference for rainy seasons is those in Africa where it pours for an afternoon, usually including thunder and lightning, and then it’s sunny again shortly after, with Nairobi being the only memorable exception to this rule.  The consequence is that it’s actually quite tolerable (about 29 degrees C) here in terms of temperature but it’s constantly damp in the air and mould is something to really think of here (both to destroy electronics and anything else sitting around.

So for anyone traveling here (I know of at least one person reading this that would be interested) there are some useful things to think about bringing in terms of attire and kit.

  • Long sleeve shirts – I was surprised that I am actually quite cold in the office (A/C constantly on and in part serves the function of reducing the build-up of mould).  I almost need a sweater!
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho – totally need it if you’re walking to get a taxi
  • Waterproof/airtight things – like waterproof bags (for clothes, inside rucksacks/backpacks), ziplock bags for food to stop them getting soggy.  If you’re bringing a decent amount of electronic gear like camera equipment think about buying a peli case, as they are airtight and waterproof and will protect your gear from developing mould so long as you put a desiccant inside.
  • Desiccants – I bought some small reusable desiccant containers.  They recharge by heating them in the oven.  One for my peli case and one has ended up in the wardrobe to look after my clothes… I wish I’d bought more…

I’ll stop here (and work!) but I’m going to post some other themed thoughts on what I brought that’s nice to have and what I would have brought if I had the space.  I’m quite practical and think only of little things that would make a difference… although I think there are some larger items that I would have preferred to bring if I could have.


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