Contents of an Adventure Van

Did you ever wonder how much stuff you could cram into you van? Wanting to have access to all the activities that I enjoy I was keen to get all the kit necessary into my van… this is what I managed (not including the clothes). Continue reading Contents of an Adventure Van

Underwater Zen…

Being underwater, and particularly SCUBA diving can be a zen-like experience.  No longer limited to two-dimensional movement the weightlessness of SCUBA provides that third dimension of travel.  Peacefully moving over the sand, through the corals and gliding through the reef like a fish is a wonderful feeling as one feels part of another world, a privileged vantage point… The intention of taking a month of diving … Continue reading Underwater Zen…

Making preparations….

So, like my life, I have yet another tangental post… Packing lists may be the most boring thing for many but I’ve actually found some people’s advice pretty helpful.  Having already noticed I’ve forgotten a couple of items I thought I’d do the odd segment on how I prepared for this trip and what I bought/where I bought. Some context… I’m off to Indonesia (Labuanbajo) for a … Continue reading Making preparations….

Getting the most out shooting gigs or parties in bars/clubs with little lighting.

Like all photography there’s no hard and fast rules…. search the internet and you’ll come across hundreds of blog entries on the subject. Everything from “how do I get a pro camera into an event “from how do stop focusing on the microphone?!”. I love being at gigs for the music and capturing the energy of the artists. I’ve been pretty lucky to get press … Continue reading Getting the most out shooting gigs or parties in bars/clubs with little lighting.