The Circle Train

In the 1950’s the British colonists built a 50km double railway line around Yangon, and it still serves  100-150,000 commuters daily.  With 39 stops it takes about 3 hours to complete the loop.  For a tourist or outsider it’s not about commuting but provides a wonderful alternative view of the city and it’s people. We boarded at Parami Station, just over a kilometre from my … Continue reading The Circle Train

Life in a Drought

There are so many aspects of travel that astound me, both negatively and positively, but it’s human nature that truly makes the strongest impression.  From ignorance, stupidity, and hatred to wisdom, joy, love, and overwhelming resilience.  Sadly, there seems to be an uncanny correlation between money and the negative aspects of human nature. Having driven through a semi-arid landscape for two or three hours, passing … Continue reading Life in a Drought

Brush with fame

This story is an on/off affair that bridged two countries and a couple of years.  It all started with Couchsurfing, the interesting community that connects people throughout the world for the purpose of making new friends and literally seeing if they have a couch to sleep on. Back in the day when I was working in Yangon I had created a Couchsurfing account, knowing that … Continue reading Brush with fame

Wandering the Olympic Peninsula (Pt.1)

It was quite the feat to get going in the right direction… wayward plans resulted in a delay or a day, although I was later to be amazed by how the timing of my journey would set me on a path that has changed my world (a titivating thought to keep you coming back perhaps). I’d crossed the continent in just 5 days, perhaps too … Continue reading Wandering the Olympic Peninsula (Pt.1)

Underwater Zen…

Being underwater, and particularly SCUBA diving can be a zen-like experience.  No longer limited to two-dimensional movement the weightlessness of SCUBA provides that third dimension of travel.  Peacefully moving over the sand, through the corals and gliding through the reef like a fish is a wonderful feeling as one feels part of another world, a privileged vantage point… The intention of taking a month of diving … Continue reading Underwater Zen…

Broken horizon

Broken Horizon The story of the road-trip continues, despite a poorly excused break… Montana provided a sobering reminder of road deaths in the form of little white crosses that popped up from time to time along the highway.  I think the saddest of them was a little cluster of 5 at the side of a railway crossing.  A scene that I dare not imagine.  Other than these morbid … Continue reading Broken horizon

Flying plates in Dar

Well that turned out a little differently than I’d expected! I would have laughed harder if it didn’t literally hurt (I have scars) and if it wasn’t quite so tragic. It started, with a recurring and comically woeful experiences theme, with a few lines on a dating site. Imagine the flickering lines on a TV screen as I bring back for some context, and laughably … Continue reading Flying plates in Dar