Tales from the past: Albania

In 2015 I was working for the UN World Food Programme based out of Cairo, an entire story in itself.  I was working as an analyst, dealing with food security and market price data.  We supported our offices across North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia (with the notable exception of Afghanistan).  Needless to say it was a lot of work, what with the … Continue reading Tales from the past: Albania

Diving in Atauro… the world’s most biodiverse reef

These past few years I can hardly complain that I get a bum deal in terms of where I live for work. A few months ago I applied for a post in Timor Leste. A tiny island nation at the far end of the Indonesian archipelago (and to my embarrassment I had to look up on the map). Although I was prepared to go diving … Continue reading Diving in Atauro… the world’s most biodiverse reef

The Circle Train

In the 1950’s the British colonists built a 50km double railway line around Yangon, and it still serves  100-150,000 commuters daily.  With 39 stops it takes about 3 hours to complete the loop.  For a tourist or outsider it’s not about commuting but provides a wonderful alternative view of the city and it’s people. We boarded at Parami Station, just over a kilometre from my … Continue reading The Circle Train