What’s in the bag

Sadly underwater photography is somewhat tiresome when it comes to the amount of gear one needs to lug around.  At least if you move beyond the compact camera and polycarbonate housing options (which there is most certainly nothing wrong with!).

I never really managed to adjust back to using compact cameras.  I never really managed to get the same vibe from my photos as I did with my full-frame cameras (although that’s probably obvious).  So with the Sony A7RII setup I get the best of both worlds, without having to carry and extra camera and lenses around.  I only recently decided to buy a second strobe, and so a considerable number of pennies later I have a setup that is pretty much everything I need (bar gear envy and the latest Sony A9 – the parent replacement for the A7RII).

So what’s in the bag for underwater photography?  Or even, what is the bag?!

I tried not to spend even more money on a specific bag, and make do with what I had:

    • Kata Bumblebee 222 UL
      • Pros: light, roomy, nicely padded, good selection of compartments, rainproof/sun cover
      • Cons: the straps are this funny rubber that, after a while, leave painful marks on my shoulder when it’s heavy (I think it’s when I’m taking it on and off), the aluminium frame is contoured to your hip which means getting it into some overhead compartments of smaller planes isn’t possible, which is a bit of a nightmare for off-beat destinations.

The camera, housing, and bits…

All in all, the bag weights in at around 10-12kg.  Just don’t tell the people at checkin… causally sling the bag over one shoulder and smile.


2 thoughts on “What’s in the bag

  1. I never moved on from the old Nikonos V. Between having too many pictures I never look at and deteriorating eyesight at the macro level that side of the photography hobby has atrophied away. But every now and then, I still get that itch…

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