Wheat and Derricks…

Another very long day… I managed to get about 900kms done today but still 200 short of my goal… Traveling along highway 10, up I29, and along highway 2.  With speed limits of 70 and 75 I was making more progress than I thought I could have, and highway 2 must be pretty newly surfaced as it’s a beautiful road.  I passed through Brainard (which I was excited about as I love the movie Fargo and the Mississippi River flows through it!!), Detroit Lakes (pretty lakeside town), Fargo itself, Grand Forks, and then more sinister sounding places like Devils Lake (which is really pretty), Minot (a name that reminds me of Minotaur), and finally Wiliston (a very isolated town that seems to be packed with oil workers.  I managed to miss last call at the restaurant next to the hotel and ended up in a really unpleasant bar with a bunch of twenty-somethings celebrating a wedding…

The scenery on the way here was full of trees and lakes from my overnight stop last night.  But as soon as I hit Fargo and headed north to Grand Forks it all become prairies.  For miles… I must have spent at least 7hrs driving through progressively more barren landscape until I came to Minot and it started to become like the cowboy country you see in the old movies (the ones with the vast rolling hills with not a tree in sight!)… that and all the Derricks started to appear with gas venting flames popping up everywhere…  it was an odd thing to see oil production in the middle of a wheat field.  Oddly enough the landscape vaguely reminded me of parts of Tajikistan when I traveled around there way back in 2003/4.

I don’t have a photo today for you as I’m wrecked and need to get up early if I want to spend time in the mountains tomorrow.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Mountain Time Zone as I would have gained an hour’s sleep from the adjustment.  I will have to make do with less sleep… My biggest revelation today was when it suddenly stuck me that cherry bombs (the ones you hear about in American movies all the time as kids scare the crap out of each other) are actually the same thing as the cherry bangers used to scare the birds from the cherry crops… I couldn’t believe I didn’t realise this sooner!  I think I was remembering popping into buy corn with my friend in Ontario coming back from Long Point and being told what was making the popping noise… go figure it took me that long to put the two together… hahaha 😛

I have at least a 1000km to do tomorrow… all this being on a pseudo schedule is good to keep me driving (otherwise I’d take forever to get to Vancouver) but it also means trucking through some very pretty places that I may have otherwise spent 30mins stretching my legs a little more often.

More fun soon I’m sure 🙂


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