Upping the miles (mile 950…)

Day 2… And how did that work out?
To my relief the process of crossing into the US was way less painful than my previous encounter. In fact quite the opposite. It would seem that the individual I was harassed by last year not only messed me around, rooted around in my phone with no just cause, but also misinformed me as to the details of the ESTA. So this time it was still valid and the gentleman that helped me was very pleasant… If not confused by my lack of understanding that I had, in fact, still a valid ESTA… If you’re wondering that the hell I’m on about by this point, I am too for the most part.
It was quite the drive today… 850km in all and hitting up 3 states (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) and one time zone (as I later realised). The crossing into the US was over the locks of Lake Superior and really quite impressive. Massive container vessels sat waiting to go through the narrow water way that links two of the Great Lakes (Huron and Michigan).
Some of the random things that I came across or came into my head:

  • My mind boggled when I saw an RV towing a camper van (not another car or SUV like they often do, but another vehicle they could live in…). Why??!
  • A sign that announced “Dentist” whilst advertising “Taxidermy”. Having a somewhat “Barber of Saville” like insinuation.
  • That gas in the US is half that of Canada and that deciding to take the US route is likely to save me a few hundred bucks in fuel!
  • My Jeep Patriot (and I have to say this name gives me the creeps for whatever reason) gets 10-11km/litre… Meaning that if I do the trip back via Canada it won’t be cheap.
  • I probably should have bought the GoPro mount I wanted back in Toronto… It’s not so easy to find places to stop in on the way.
  • There are huge tracts of land with very little in it even along the highways of the US.
  • I found a place called Lake Ruth… My sister will be pleased 🙂
  • I spent quite a lot of time not thinking about anything… I think that driving legitimises this as I have the excuse that I’m concentrating on other things 😛
  • The deer at the side of the road were really pretty… Except that dead one… It was huge though
  • Speaking of big things, I think I’ve seen the start of the monstrous “things”.  Like the worlds biggest hatchet, or wooden goose… Or other more random objects (I will keep you posted).  I just wasn’t quick enough on the draw with my camera to show you.

That’s all I can think of for now… The place I’m staying in is somewhat grandiose and clinical… It was the second booked night as I didn’t want to have the stress of finding something after a long day’s drive. The room is insanely large, very nice, with an equally large bathroom. I lamented traveling alone for this one but on the whole I’m happy to be doing the trip myself… well… Other than the driving 10hrs a day thing!


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