On becoming a Dive Master

Although it dawned on me a little late I thought it would be a good idea to keep brief dairy style entries on my 7week adventure on becoming a dive master…

The decision came a few months ago when I realised that, although I love my work as a nutritionist/ food security analyst with the UN I was needing a break and I feel like I need a different balance in my life (as the work with the UN can be a little all consuming). So why not give diving a go…! Previous down times have left me feeling that I’ve been thoroughly unproductive and that I haven’t achieved anything. And as I’m not an amazing self motivator I decided that I’d take my diving qualifications a little further 🙂

After a few weeks of on/off research I turned to Wicked Diving for my dive master training (DMT). Having then realised I needed 40 documented dives (damn, I really should have been more conscientious with my log book in the past!) I decided that with the month before the course starting I’d go to Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National park to rack up the required dives. And what a place to do this! So beautiful…! I believe I’ve told some of that story already…

So here I am after a month of traveling. Khao Lak, Thailand. As it also happens I need to have an Emergency First Responder (EFR) course and be a Rescue Diver before doing the DMT.  So as of Sunday, I started the EFR (lots of theory) and a little practice. Today was the start of the Rescue Diver course. Lots of information and I’m very glad that I did the eLearnimg before! Although now I really have to do the eLearning for the DMT!!

The morning was spent in the classroom and the afternoon in a pool… 4hours.. In a pool… I look like a prune. At least I don’t have to worry about any more salt being in my gear!!

Thankfully I’m not too tired yet. The rooms we’re in are okay… Solid foam mattresses are never the most comfortable but at least these are new and I don’t have to contend with the rut of someone else that has been sleeping in it for weeks prior (they tend to have quite the memory!). Not having A/C is something I’ll get used to and at least there’s hot water 🙂

My neighbor, a Mexican woman who lives with her family in India, is also on my courses. She’s lovely which is great, as for some reason I have a constant fear of ending up being surrounded by people I don’t like.

So far the Wicked Diving team seems to be fantastic and the teaching style of our instructor suits my learning, phew!

I’m still getting used to the town and what it has to offer (where the hell do I get breakfast in the morning being one issue that seems to have been resolved – there’s a cute little cafe with decent coffee opposite McDonanlds (sadly there is one here..) and I discover at lunch there’s a place that does eggs benedict and opens at 6am! That being Banana Bungalow… Yum!).

Still to be resolved at issues such as laundry and will anyone actually clean the room or do I do this myself (my curiosity is based around the do not disturb/make my room sign on the door… Not my own laziness!).

So on to another day in the pool tomorrow and the promise that Wednesday will be a punishing test by the instructors on our rescue skills!

More soon 🙂


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