When you find out you’re more important that you realise…

The first in a series of musings from Indonesia… My journey here had taken me from Belfast via Cairo, Doha, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Denpensar (Bali), Kupang, Ende, Labuan Bajo.  So rather a large number of flights and planes and a week in Bangkok later I’m ready to start my first diving adventure.  The last part of the journey was worth noting…

So a couple of months ago I made some bookings to get to Labuan Bajo with Garuda (the national airline).  Great… all sorted and, although more expensive, it seemed to have the best baggage deal.  So a couple of weeks after I made the booking I received an email that informed me of a schedule change.  The connecting flight would leave 5mins before I arrived… excellent…  So, rather than fight the machine I just resigned myself to the fact that they had decided that this was the best way and it was pointless getting all principled and wasting my breath talking through the lack of logic (from my perspective at least) for the odd timing.  So, being cautious and having given in to the fact that I’ll spend a night in Kupang, I booked a hotel there and an onward flight to Labuan Bajo the next morning.  All sorted… best laid plans an all that…

The layover in Jakarta was reasonably short but long enough to warrant a hotel stay.  The Ibis Style is pretty nice, cheap and close to the airport (a good thing in Jakarta, what with the mad traffic and all) but with an atrocious transfer shuttle schedule.  Having made a new acquaintance waiting rather a long time for the bus (that came over an hour later), I arrived quite tired and ready for bed.

The next morning I checked in early and only to Kupang (as I was pretty sure I’d never make it on time for the remaining part of the journey) not the full part of my journey.  As we landed in Bali (which I wasn’t expecting), I was thinking about nothing in particular, other than having to wake up super early again to catch the next flight in the morning.  The plane came into land on a rather bleak looking island and I was wondering what the hotel was going to look like… As the plane was taxiing along to it’s parking position I spotted another Garuda plane.  As I exited I wandered if it was the plane I was supposed to get… As it turned out it was!  How do I know this… I was greeted by one of the ground staff that told me that Garuda HQ had called them and they had changed the schedule of the connecting flight to make sure I could get on… I laughed…

I wandered across the tarmac reassured that my bag would be transferred too (I spotted it later) thinking to myself that it was perhaps the first time that a plane had been rescheduled just for me… I felt a little embarrassed as the 70 odd others boarded, but it got me to thinking about what would have happened if I’d said something at any point during the process other than just being silly with the ground staff at check in (wondering why they would make such odd changes).  I guess that it taught me a little lesson in patience and not being overly principled and upset with people… just let it happen.  Thankfully it didn’t cost a fortune (the alternate flight and hotel) and that I managed to easily get a hotel without wandering aimlessly (like many of the people on my flight appeared to be doing) around town to get cheap accommodation.

Life’s little adventures, and the ability to wind down and relax 🙂

My adventures continue…


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