Photos for rockstars

It’s always fun to have a laugh with friends for photoshoots… I have to say that I was a little nervous when a singer friend asked me to do a photoshoot for her upcoming album cover.  I’m not sure that I totally doubt myself but I felt a little under-equiped this time (I’d only brought my little Fujifilm X100T and even newer and smaller Sony RX100 IV).  So what to do… the ever insistent Earthcollide fixed a day and we had a bash at taking some photos.

She’d brought along a Canon 70D (which, although rather soft focus) probably produced better photos for post production with much better recovery in the highlights.  The Fujifilm performed rather amazingly and I actually forgot about the little Sony (it’s so small!).

We’d talked about doing some photos with coloured flour.  With very grand ideas in my head i proceeded with the warning that I was poorly equipped to do it well.  A very generous and creative friend concocted the Holi flour… unfortunately we hadn’t give it long enough to dry and it was a little too clumpy… that and I should have thought of bringing fans… and we really didn’t have enough space… but you know… we gave it a go anyway.  Always an excuse for drinking beer in the afternoon anyway… 😛

I have to say that the even in my self doubt I managed to get some had decent shots despite the little cameras and no lighting (other than a big window).

The FujiFilm X100T was really sharp and quick for focusing on auto.  I even used it for the rapid shots I needed for the coloured flour shots… sadly I left it too long and the sun disappeared behind the clouds.  Even so, cranking the ISO didn’t seem to have much of an effect in terms of noise (even at 2000 ISO the outputs were pretty amazing!).  My mistake was not to break out the Sony for the fast shots… never mind, next time!

The cover shot for this post was taken with the Fujifilm at ISO 2000, f2.0, 1/1000 sec and with natural (if not fading) light.

I’ll post the main photos when my friend is happy with them and I’ve managed to fix some of the lack of lighting issues with Photoshop.

I always enjoying doing shoots for friends that appreciate the work and effort.  Despite my doubts (and some real technical limitations of the cameras I brought for such tasks) I was pretty pleased with the results… Perhaps that’s the lesson… be a little more self assured!


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