That time I learned ChasingPhil will be the title of a movie…

ChasingPhil… I’ve been asked on a number of occasions as to why I choose that as a name.

I think I was subconsciously thinking about Chasing Amy (that movie from a few years back) but mainly I think it was the fact that I’m constantly on the move and people keep asking me “where are you now?!”.

I debated a few times whether to keep it or just to go for “Phil McKinney Photography” but the latter seems rather dry… and at the end of the day I like the notion of bring people along on a journey with me.  Life is amazing and the experiences to be had in the world, although not accessible by everyone, really need to be shared.

So when I got contacted by a journalist from The Warp about a new movie by Robert Downey Jr. and if I was involved in writing the book… I had to laugh.  I suppose it was inevitable that the name get used at some point.  At least I may get a bit more traffic through my site!  Having said that it’s more likely that I’ll get lost in the traffic of the news of the movie!

Anyway… another little surprise along life’s journey 😛


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