Tales of Dating… that time on an icy road in Canada

This was more of a funny story about a chance meeting…

I was heading back from a snowboarding trip in Kelowna.  I’d been sent up there by a friend who knew someone that lived up there.  He said… “you have to go up there you’ll love this chick”.  After a pretty long drive up through some beautiful scenery I met my friend’s friend at a bar.  Hilarious… and a couple of days on the slopes, and a little more hanging out seems to have created a lasting friendship with a very cool person.

The day I headed back to Vancouver was beautiful but as I headed up into the mountain pass out of the city it started getting very cold, ice on the roads and it started snowing.  Very beautiful really… except when the clouds rolled in… Happily cruising along I come across a jack-knifed tractor trailer that must have literally just crashed, right across the highway blocking all of the lanes and wedging itself between the median and the snowbank.  As a part slid to a halt in the middle lane, I noticed that I wasn’t the first on the scene.  The first car had slid sideways into the snow and managed to get the front wheels off the ground.  I watched the wheels spin in vain as I waited to make sure the cars behind me stopped before getting out to help.  With a little bit of creative thinking (and the use of the car mats for traction) we got the car off the snow bank.  The owner of the car, a beautiful latino looking woman, was very grateful.  With that little bit of drama out of the way all there was to do was wait until recovery truck turned up… this wasn’t to be for another 3hrs.

In the mean time we all paced back and forward wondering what was going on or just bored and trying to keep occupied.  One guy wandered around in shorts… I’m pretty sure with the windchill it was about -15degrees C (oh Canada).  On one of my leg stretches to see if there had been any progress the woman in the car who’d been stuck wound down the window and started chatting… just general chit chat.  I wasn’t exactly prepared for the cold so I started shivering pretty quickly.  She insisted that I get into the car, which I thought was sort of funny, but it was certainly much warmer inside.  She had a cute 8 year old kid who seemed to be happy playing around in the snow.  In the couple of hours that we chatted we got to know quite a bit about each other.  She worked as a lawyer in Kelowna for clients that struggle financially, some cool stuff.  Not to say it was a date but by the time the semi was being pulled out of the way she was very keen to give me her number and and email address.  We parted ways and as I was now really late for a meeting I had in Seattle I was keen to get a move on.  Thinking it was (sadly) the last I would see of her I raced along the highway.  About 30mins later, however, I looked over my left shoulder to see her and her kid waving like maniacs as they sped past… and then another 2 times after that, I thought it was sweet.  I’m pretty sure she was keener than I acknowledged at the time, and another really good example of how I have meet so many lovely souls and often wonder it would be like to lead a different life in a different place.


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