Tales of Dating… the one about Bermuda

A few years ago I had a rather unpleasant break up… so of course I was feeling sorry for myself and for the first time I decided to give online dating a go… This is one of three tales from that time that took me to three quite different parts of the world…

I think the one thing that most people laugh about for these is simply the distance traveled simply to go on a date… I’m not really phased by traveling a few thousand kilometres to go on a date…  Having said that this one was really about a vacation…  I was flicking through profiles on a eharmony (my thoughts on online dating at a later date)… I came across what seemed to be a pretty interesting South African woman who sounded really interesting, describing herself as a personal chef… I really needed to get out of the city I was living in at the time and frankly the fact that she told me she was currently living in Bermuda was more appealing than anything else… we had a few emails back and forward and I to be honest I didn’t really know too much about her before booking a flight to the little Atlantic tax haven… about a week later I stepped off the plane and headed to a little B&B up in the hills… it was cute and not too far from the coast.  The owner, a little old lady who was very maternal, was absolutely adorable. She was also fascinated that I had come all that way for a date with someone that I hadn’t actually talked to… come to think of it, a strange notion in reality… but hey, life is an adventure.

I had arranged to meet my date the next day when she got off work, having never met her before or even spoken to her on the phone.  Come to think of it I hadn’t even a good idea of what she looked like other than a couple of photos online.  As the little red sports car pulled up outside the guesthouse I have to say I was a little taken aback by the 6ft 2in tall woman that stepped out… not just that she was almost as wide as she was tall but I think just one of her boobs was as big as my head.  The first hi is always a little awkward but this was probably a little more so given that I’m pretty sure that the guesthouse owner was peaking out from behind the curtains to see why I’d come all that way… my date was very lovely though.

As we drove to the pink beaches of Bermuda (about 15mins from where I was staying) I understood that she was the personal chef of a billionaire… I’m not kidding.  The man in question is Mr. Grundy Sr of the media empire in Australia (you know, the one that produced Neighbours back in the 80s, amongst others).

Frankly the woman was terrifying… particularly for her physical presence.  Her world was so abstracted from a world that I understood, although I really liked that she dreamed of having her own catering business and restaurant in Cape Town.  Flying around the world in her bosses personal jet (a Boeing 737 of all things, that couldn’t be parked in Bermuda because there was no room for it just to sit there (what?!!!)) and yacht in the Mediterranean… it was a fascinating time… I hang out with some of her friends… did some diving on my own… nice dinners, hung out at some of the mad bars in the capital city with the benefit of being introduced to the “Dark n Stormy” mixed drink which frankly remains my favourite drink of all time… dark rum and ginger beer…

The whole experience was amazing…

What did I take away from the experience?  Other than my new favourite drink… Not thinking too much about something and just getting out there.  I saw life from a different perspective and through someone who’s perspective isn’t at all like mine.  We actually parted having been quite open on the subject of “what’s next?”.  We didn’t say hi again after that… shame really, what a fascinating world she lives in.


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