Tales of Dating… as a Humanitarian Worker

I’ve been asked a bunch of times to start writing down some of the ridiculous stories of dating that I’ve had since I’ve started working in the humanitarian business… I’ve been rather reluctant to do so as it’s really quite personal and if I’m going to write stuff down I’d rather not make it simple statement of fact, that and I think I’ve pissed off a few people along the way…

I’ve met many amazing people on my travels and dating is naturally part of the adventure.  Sadly I’m still looking and it’s clear that my constant movement around the world is a particular hinderance to the process.  That and perhaps I have rather overly high expectations (or maybe that’s poorly defined ones).

I do wonder if it’s worth sharing these things in that someone out there might actually benefit or just enjoy the stories to know that they’re not the only one out there.  I think it doesn’t matter whether you travel a lot or not… dating isn’t easy.

One thing that I’ve heard levelled against my lifestyle is that I have too much choice… I think that this is silly.  With the advent of online dating (something that has taken off since I started traveling) the notion of “too much choice” is something that presents itself to us all (at least in terms of dating).  With what appears to be infinite choice it can seem to be difficult to decide to stick with someone.  I watched a TED talk about how the perception of having options makes us less happy.  Thus we can manufacture our own happiness (by limited our choices).  I would counter that thought by saying that I have very high expectations (perhaps unrealistic and, in the end, are less defined than I may think).

However, in my pursuit of a partner in crime I’ve had some great adventures that have generally positive but sometimes quite heartbreaking (probably because of my false expectations on the situation).

So I’ll start with this introduction and post a few historical tales for your amusement… that and so I write this stuff down before it all gets forgotten in my old age and senility!


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