Money, Money Money…

It’s definitely a rich man’s world here. Most people live in relative poverty, as with any developing country but find good stats to indicate it is a little trickier than is clear from the street. But the obvious run down feel of the city hides quite beautiful interiors and very pleasant living conditions, if you’re willing to pay over the odds. Accommodation has, in some cases, doubled in price since the EU sanctions were partly lifted. This will be a short one but there are some interesting knick knack notes that are worth paying attention to when traveling here.

  1. Bring bank notes (Euro or USD) in near perfect condition for the best Forex rates. Even small marks will result in you seeing a drop size of the wad of notes you receive in exchange for your meagre offering.
  2. If you consider doing money transfers the receiving banks practice is to give you half the value in large denomination notes (worth more in Forex) and the rest in smaller (worth less in Forex).  Although this is only my experience it’s worth noting that if this is yours larger transfers could cost you if you are going to exchange this into local currency.
  3. Also note that the money you receive from banks may not be in the condition that they want it back from you in (near perfect) and these also come with an exchange penalty.  They don’t seem to care so much about this and I understand that they will not exchange the soiled notes with better ones.

More for information than particularly interesting…!


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