Clever little gizmos so I can leave my laptop behind (well.. short trips anyway!)

Still waiting for news! I know, I know… it’s only 10:30am Monday morning!

So, how to keep myself busy apart from applying new found editing skills to my old photos…?!

When I travel up country and away from the big cities I always end up lugging my laptop around.  Great but cumbersome and there’s always a important risk of theft or (more likely) damage.  I bring my laptop to work on, watch movies, but most importantly make sure I can get my photos off my camera and then work on them.  I’m a bit slow but it dawned on me that there is an elegant solution to this problem of carrying a heavy laptop around for at least short trips and it starts with an iPad.  I didn’t use my iPad that much until recently.  Certainly not for anything terribly productive!  Then with a combination of hardware and software I now have something that’s totally useful!

iPad + bluetooth keyboard + camera USB adapter / 30pin connector + snapseed (software)

Work problem solved – I hate typing on my iPad and so it meant limited use for work.  Solution = Kensington bluetooth keyboard (with it’s protective case for the iPad.  Perfect.  It sits the iPad up like a computer screen and provides a keyboard with great battery life. Only problem is that the keyboard only charges off a USB port.

Photo editing problem solved – I was always frustrated by not being able to do much with my photos once I’d taken them and then after chatting to my brother-in-law (a pro photographer) I was pointed to Snapseed.  An amazing (paid but cheap) app for the iPad.  Great editing options and reads RAW files.  I remembered that there’s a camera adaptor for the iPad and then hey presto.  A very portable editing station when I’ve time off on my travels.  I now have a link between my camera and the rest of the world through my iPad.  Another reason to leave the laptop behind when I travel for short trips.

I clearly have too much time on my hands… I should do something a little more… well, a little more.


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